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Digital Key

This  is the name of a new company


The founder Mr. Moftah passed away and his son Musa’ab took over leading the family business. To commemorate the name, the new brand uses the first initials of the first names Musa’ab Moftah “MM” and this is how the new brand name came about.

Al Taraboulsy

When we started our Benghazi branch, it too did not have a name, we followed the same style of offering the goods allowing the families to feel, touch and try on. But the difference was since we came from Tripoli in the west region, the families started calling our shop as the Taraboullsy, which means the Tripolitania, which translates as the man from Tripoli.  The name stuck and we kept it as our brand name in the east region. All the other branches in the east carry this new name.

Al Hayes

This is not our family name. When the founder first opened the shop, it had not name, there was no trade mark or alike. Families came in to the shop and were allowed to examine the quality in the traditional way through opening the bags and touching the fabric, trying on the items to see if it fits. The result is a cluttered shop that needed long hours after closing time to put things back on shelves and boxes to be ready for the next day. This “Clutter” became the brand name. In Arabic Clutter translates to Al Hayes and before long it attached to our shop and we kept it as a good omen.